NH general purpose fuse-links utilization category gG

Convincing advantages
Cambi indicator
  • Combines function of top and centre indicator
  • Reliable indicating offuse-trip independent from installation
  • Simplified stock-keeping
Isolated gripping lugs
  • “ism” type combines isolated cover plates with isolated gripping lugs
  • Protection against accidental contact when applied in open fuse-bases or fuseways
  • Isolated cover plates made from high temperature resistant plastics
High Breaking capacity
  • Rated breaking capacity up to 120kA (500V)
  • 690V fuse-links available with breaking capacity 100kA
Rated voltages up to AC1200V

Wide range of voltages covered

  • Fuse-links 400V have up to 20% lower power dissipation than common 500V types
  • For systems with operating voltages up toAC1200V